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ABOUT SIze Inclusive Health Australia 

    Size Inclusive Health Australia is a non-profit, member-based association that brings together the highest quality information, training and specialists in Australia for size inclusive care, including the Health at Every Size® (HAES®) approach.  

    Size Inclusive Health Australia aims to:

      1. Advance the welfare of people who experience weight-related prejudice, bias, stigma, and size discrimination in Australian health and wellbeing settings.
      2. To advance understanding of size-inclusive, weight-neutral, client-centred, and evidence-informed approaches in the health and fitness sectors in Australia.


      Our vision is for a just and compassionate community, where all bodies are respected and belong.


      We promote equitable access to evidence-based healthcare and life-enhancing practices for people of every size, through information, resources, and advocacy.  


      Respect – being accountable for our words and actions; regardless of setting or audience

      Advocacy – creating an active and vibrant network, committed to the cause; achieving change through a shared strategy

      Inclusion – listening and learning; understanding that diversity does not exist without inclusion

      Evidence-based – critiquing and using current evidence in all our work; contributing to ethical research through collaboration

      Community – having a shared vision; being connected and compassionate, proactive and kind

      Social Justice – focussing on equality, equity and participation; positively contributing to a safe, fair and just society


      Originally established in 2013 as the Association for Non-diet Approach Research Inc, Size Inclusive Health Australia was incorporated in 2016.  

      Since it was established, Size Inclusive Health Australia has seen substantial growth in membership and now has over 450 members. Our members include health and fitness professionals, researchers, academics and policy makers working from a Health at Every Size® approach.  We also welcome community members who are interested in helping promote and further the adoption of HAES® principles in Australia. 

      Size Inclusive Health Australia is an independent organisation, funded by membership fees. Size Inclusive Health Australia declares it has not received money, employment, in-kind support or gifts from pharmaceutical, weight-loss, food or fitness industries, and never will. 

      OUR PLAN

      The Size Inclusive Health Australia Strategic Plan 2020 - 2021 was developed collaboratively to guide and direct the energy and effort of those associated with Size Inclusive Health Australia in order to achieve strategic priorities and objectives.

      • Our current strategic priorities are to:

        1. Establish and communicate our role, reputation and brand
        2. Develop strategic relationships
        3. Become sustainable
        4. Grow a connected and active membership
        5. Ensure quality and manage risk
        6. Raise awareness and create impact

      To see Size Inclusive Health Australia 2022-23 Annual Report click here.

      Acknowledgement of Country

      Size Inclusive Health Australia acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters, where we live, work and play.  We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

      We commit to ongoing learning and growth as we become an inclusive and diverse community.

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      Qld 4120

      Size Inclusive Health Australia is a trading name of HAES Australia Inc, an Incorporated Association registered with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading, IA41314. HAES Australia Inc is a Registered Australian Body with ASIC, ARBN: 670 003 764

      ABN: 69738175815

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